Campbells Chapel A. M. E. Church - The First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Virginia Beach
About Us  
Campbell’s Chapel A.M.E. Church, The First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Virginia Beach, was organized in the year of our Lord 1864 as Mount Calvary A. M. E. Church. The church developed from prayer meetings which were held in private homes.  
The first church built was a small bush structure near Owens Mill off North Landing Road ; the building was struck by lightning and burned down. In 1884, through the generosity of C. E. Brown and his wife Maggie E. Brown was granted one acre of land for only one dollar to trustees John E. Capehurt, Michael Allen, Robert Pratt, Moody Jarvis and Amos Wilson (archive photo).  
According to the record presented by George A. Singleton, General Secretary of the A. M. E. Church 1961:  
  • When the Virginia Annual Conference was held in Richmond, Virginia in 1875 pastors were given appointments to churches in what was called the “Princess Anne Circuit”; this circuit of churches included Campbell’s Chapel A. M. E., Mt. Zion A. M. E., and St. Mathews A. M. E. which is no longer in existence but was located near Stumpy Lake Golf Course.
 Bishop Richard Allen: (1760-1831) Founder and the First Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in the year of our Lord 1787; ‘We were stolen from our mother country, and brought here. We have tilled the ground and made fortunes for thousands… This land which we have watered with our tears and blood, is now our mother country’ 
And we have been the little church on the side of the road serving the people of  God for over 146 years!  
We invite you to come by and have a taste of what we spiritually call "Campbell's Soup"; praising the Lord, singing, shouting, and of course the Word of God.  
Church Address:
3252 Indian River Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23456 
Church Number:
(757) 721-3987 
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